Sea Kayak Guide Course
Sunshine Coast ~ 6 Days

Due to COVID-19, our 2021 season has been cancelled.
Future course dates will eventually be published here.

$1280 plus tax

Canadian dollars per person
Currency exchange
Advance registration is required

Limited space available

Maximum six participants

Evolution Guide School

Exploring the skills, challenges and rewards of leadership.

Halfmoon Sea KayaksOur Sunshine Coast certified guide's courses are offered in cooperation with Halfmoon Sea Kayaks.  We launch from Coopers Green Park near Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  During the course, we camp on islands in the Salish Sea.

The Sunshine Coast is easily accessible from Vancouver.  Our launch site has local bus service from the Langdale ferry terminal, which is a 40-minute scenic ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay, near Vancouver.

Our Sunshine Coast course follows the same curriculum and practices the same universal guiding principles as our Haida Gwaii course.  The Sunshine Coast course is priced considerably less than the Haida Gwaii course, as our transport and equipment costs are much lower.

Expedition Experience

This six-day course is designed for prospective certified guides and intermediate kayakers seeking to develop their expedition capabilities.

The course provides numerous opportunities to develop skills through experiential learning.  During controlled simulations, participants experiment with a wide variety of guiding tools, leadership styles and paddling techniques.  Each day, numerous challenging and instructive opportunities are facilitated.  Our curriculum is comprehensive and our guide instructors are talented educators.

The wealth of experiential knowledge conveyed and practiced during the course enables each participant to significantly boost their skill level and confidence.

Thormanby Island

Thormanby Island ~ Sunshine Coast of BC

Leadership Training

Evolution courses enable participants to learn highly practical leadership skills and proven guiding techniques from some of the most experienced ACSKG certified guide instructors on the coast of British Columbia.

The proficient leadership skills covered during each course can be successfully applied to many aspects of everyday life.
Learn to correctly assess situations and accurately evaluate options.  Practice your ability to reach sound decisions.  Learn when and how to appropriately defer decisions.

Discover methods of communicating clearly and concisely with a group, while carrying the responsibility and privilege of leadership.

Salish Sea

Salish Sea ~ Sunshine Coast of BC

Guide Certification

Our leadership courses are accredited by the Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides.  Upon successful completion of an Evolution course, participants may apply for ACSKG assistant guide certification.  ACSKG accredited leadership courses are bundled with certified assistant guide exams; there is no separate exam for assistant guides.

ACSKG certificates are recognized worldwide by a multitude of companies and agencies.  ACSKG certified guides professionally lead expeditions throughout the world.

The Evolution course is not designed as a paddling holiday, please see the prerequisites.  For additional training, please consider our guide apprentice program.
Evolution Guide School also hosts ACSKG full guide exams.

Thormanby Island

Thormanby Island ~ Sunshine Coast of BC

The course begins at 9 AM at Coopers Green Park.
Evolution Guide School provides food and meal preparations.  Equipment provided includes laminated navigational charts, tide tables, deck compass, towing system and a chart case for each participant to use during the course.  Additionally, we provide a Rite in the Rain notebook for each participant to keep.

The use of kayaks and tents are included in the price of the Haida Gwaii course.
Our Sunshine Coast course is priced considerably less and does not include kayaks and tents.  Participants on the Sunshine Coast course may provide their own tent and fully equipped kayak, or this equipment may be rented and delivered to our launch site:

Equipment Rental
Halfmoon Sea Kayaks offers rental kayaks for the six day Sunshine Coast Evolution Guide School course at a 50% discount.  Tent rental is also available.
Equipment rental must be prearranged; please contact Halfmoon Sea Kayaks.

Preliminary Training
Those interested in developing their kayaking skills before taking the Evolution course are encouraged to consider the Paddle Canada Level One course offered by Halfmoon Sea Kayaks on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

Four advance registrations are required in order to confirm the Sunshine Coast Evolution course.  If you are interested in this unique experience, please consider advance reservations.