Evolution Guide School
Sunshine Coast & Haida Gwaii

These guide training courses are not designed for novice kayakers.

Previous multi-day sea kayak touring experience will benefit course participants.  Those who arrive with very little previous kayak touring experience may find the course quite challenging and possibly overwhelming.

During our guide training programs, participants are immersed into simulated leadership situations.  Without a foundation of previous sea kayaking experience to draw upon, participants may find they are focused on simply looking after themselves, when they are asked to look after the entire group.

  • Leadership Course Prerequisites
  • Previous sea kayak day-trip experience is a minimum requirement; multi-day sea kayak touring experience is preferred.
  • Familiarity and comfort with wilderness camping is necessary.
  • A reasonable level of competence with handling a single kayak in a variety of sea conditions is required.
  • A practical level of fitness and coordination are necessary.

These prerequisites are guidelines; there is some flexibility.  Participants with wide diversities of experiences enrol with Evolution Guide School.  Each participant invariably gains a tremendous amount from the course.

Participants who arrive with a solid base of previous sea kayak touring experience are more likely to qualify for ACSKG certification.

Thinking about joining a course, but not sure if you're experienced enough?
Our courses are designed to be challenging.  The learning environment is supportive and fair.
Please see our kayak skills demonstration video and view the testimonials.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Preliminary Training
Those interested in developing their kayaking skills before taking the Evolution course are encouraged to enrol in a boat handling course.  An excellent Paddle Canada Level One course is offered by Halfmoon Sea Kayaks on the Sunshine Coast of BC.


For holiday oriented trips suitable for inexperienced paddlers and accomplished kayakers, we offer expertly guided sea kayak tours and expeditions on Haida Gwaii with Butterfly Tours.