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Haida Gwaii

We offer two course locations:  Haida Gwaii&Sunshine Coast

Our Haida Gwaii course is offered on the southern tip of Gwaii Haanas National Park; one of the most remote, challenging and sought-after guiding locations in British Columbia.

Haida Gwaii is a world-class kayaking destination.  The west-coast exposure, northern latitude, abundant marine life, Haida culture and massive, temperate rainforests all combine to create a fascinating and memorable mixture of experiences, landscapes, weather and sea conditions.

The course launches from the tiny, isolated community of Rose Harbour, situated in the furthest corner of Gwaii Haanas National Park.

Two-way transportation between Sandspit and Rose Harbour is included.

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Ancient Haida Village
During the course, we paddle offshore to visit the ancient Haida village of Ninstints on Anthony Island.
This remarkable historical village is a United Nations World Heritage Site, also known as SGang Gwaay.  Numerous totem poles overlook the village and longhouse ruins are still visibly prominent.

Ancient Haida village of SGang Gwaay

Throughout the course, we paddle the remote regions surrounding SGang Gwaay.  The Evolution course explores a route similar to Butterfly Tours' Waters of SGang Gwaay trip.

The rugged outer coast consists of jutting headlands and sheltered inlets.  Sea lions, whales and puffins are at home in this rich and diverse marine environment.

For Haida Gwaii travel options, please see:  Travel to Sandspit

Four advance registrations are required in order to confirm the Haida Gwaii course.  If you are interested in this unique journey, please consider making reservations well in advance.